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Lesbian Impulse

NURU masseuse Charlotte Stokely is relaxing at home when her boss calls and puts her on the spot. She’s sending a female client to her home, and Charlotte reluctantly agrees to treat her. Before she hangs up the phone, client Gia Paige arrives. Charlotte welcomes the petite brunette, and explains that she specializes in servicing male clients. The massage she conducts is very intimate. Gia understands all that, and that’s why she’s here. When Charlotte brings her into the bathroom to undress for their shower, she helps her client off with her clothes, but then Gia sensually slips off Charlotte’s skirt, paying special attention to the blonde’s cute little ass. Gia’s clearly more comfortable about the NURU massage than the actual masseuse, so the lesbian takes the lead. The girls climb into the standing shower fully naked. Charlotte tells Gia to let the water purify her soul to make her more receptive to the treatment. She lathers her body with soap. But when Charlotte kneels down to rub the soap onto Gia’s special place, she does it a little too quickly. Gia takes her hand and shows her how slowly she wants to be caressed. When Charlotte stands up, the ladies exchange a sensual kiss. They move into a warm bubble bath, and Gia leans against Charlotte who strokes her breasts in gentle circular motions. Gia wants to lessen Charlotte’s nervous distress. She signals Charlotte to sit on the edge of the tub, and Gia puts her mouth on the masseuse’ vagina. Charlotte moans loudly throughout the tongue lashing, and then cums. Having broken the ice, the lesbians move into the bedroom where the mattress is covered with a large waterproof sheet. Gia lies down on her stomach while Charlotte spreads a handful of NURU gel onto her skin. She straddles her client and begins by massaging her glutes. She slides the weight of her body up and down Gia, loosening her knotted muscles, pressing her lubricated pussy into her backside. Charlotte is more comfortable now that Gia made her cum in the bath. She kneads her thighs through to her lower back, then invites her to roll over, giving Gia a delicious view of Charlotte’s ass and pussy. She strokes the masseuse with more gel, while Charlotte boldly rubs Gia’s pussy. Charlotte offers to demonstrate another type of massage, as she lowers her head to lick out her pussy. Gia squirms in pleasure, releasing an orgasm into her mouth. Gia extends her pleasure reciprocating on Charlotte’s bare pussy, stroking and suckling her clit until she cums. Then Gia rubs her pussy on Charlotte’s, tribbing the first time lesbian. Charlotte clutches Gia’s ass to pull her closer as both their pussies cum again!